Bringing AI to the World's App Teams

PinkLion gives teams the power of AI so they can release high-quality software at light speed.

Introducing AI for testing

PinkLion helps QA and development teams integrate AI-powered test tools.

Basic AI Tests

Ensure core app features are working with AI-driven Business Verification Tests (BVT) that regularly and reliably test at each phase of your build pipeline.

Custom AI Tests

Create custom, human-defined AI-powered test cases. Train the AI bots to understand your mobile applications better than your people and run 24/7.


Start integrating your automated AI-tests into the tools and services your team uses to develop, test and release software. Watch your AI-first strategy come to life.

Data Platform

Discover hidden insights with custom dashboards that aggregate and visualize AI-generated data in one place. Use this information to optimize the user experience.

Humans + AI = Exceptional Software

When you start working with PinkLion, we engage in a three step process to ensure AI tools and integrations are customized to your workflow and test strategy.


First, we analyze your technology, processes and people to determine an AI implementation tailored to the way you build and maintain software.

2. Implement

Next, we start adding AI-driven testing to your DevTest toolkit and introduce your app teams to their new friend: the bots.

3. Optimize

Now that AI is in your pipeline, harness the power of our custom dashboard platform. Visualize data across all of your tools and watch AI grow in value.

Our Technology Partner

PinkLion partnered with to help enterprises automate core user experiences faster than ever. Just like humans, the bots naturally recognize screen elements and learn more about your app each time they test. Below are sample AI-powered tests executed by a bot.

Fox Sports
ABC News
Test Description
Favorite an item
Log into Wanelo and verify the new arrivals section.

Bots never sleep.

Watch Artificial Intelligence in action as the bots crawl and test mobile apps 24/7. Now that PinkLion has partnered with, you can customize the bots to understand and test your applications - just like you see in the video below.

The AI paradigm shift

With AI you can automate UI tests in the beginning, not the end, of the development process. It’s cheaper, faster and more reliable. The test pyramid is now a test cake.

Optimize your budget with AI

With AI in place, enterprises can scale software testing like never before. As time goes on, the value of AI increases while your spend decreases.

Manual Testing ($$$)
Automated Testing ($$)
AI Testing ($)

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